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Times Tables "Hearts 2-12" (Download)

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12 worksheets (size 14x14cm) help children to practice multiplication tables. Ideal support material for teaching in the classroom and also practicing at home. The set includes a worksheet for each multiplication table training (2-12). It is so simple! Download the PDF file and the game starts. Suitable for students from 2nd to 6th (Dimotikou) grade of the Greek school. Extra tip: You can laminate worksheets and use whiteboard markers. This way you will be able to use the same material many times with different students.

Classes 5th grade
Classes 6th grade
Classes 2nd grade
Classes 3rd grade
Classes 4th grade
Product Categories Homeschooling
Product Categories Board games
Courses Maths
Cognitive Areas Multiplication
Type Worksheets
Learning Difficulties Learning difficulties