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Tic Tac Toe - Greek Digraphs (Deliverable)

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The oldest board game is turned into a fun literacy game that aims to make the process of reading a fun experience. The set includes 6 worksheets with 12 literacy tic tac toe of the greek two-digit consonants ‘μπ/ντ/γκ/γγ/τσ/τζ’, the two-digit vowels ‘ει/αι/οι/ου’ and a combination of the vowels ‘αυ/ευ’. The child is asked to say the word he/she chooses out loud and to place a cap, pebble or whatever else you have at your disposal. The material is suitable for primary and secondary (A & B Dimotikou) Greek school students and is an ideal support material for students with learning difficulties. The worksheets are available in a laminated colour printed version. Extra tip: You can also use whiteboard markers. This way you will be able to use the same material many times with different students.

Classes 2nd grade
Classes 1st grade
Product Categories Worksheets
Product Categories Homeschooling
Courses Literacy
Development Areas Reading
Development Areas Phonological awareness
Development Areas Spelling
Toys Tic Tac Toe
Type Worksheets
Learning Difficulties Learning difficulties